7 Watts Modded Controllers


Xbox Elite Series 2 Modded Controllers

Out of the box modded and ready to play | Multi Game Platform Tested | Rapid Response Mod Chip | Easy Setup & Configuration Smart triggers

7 Watts custom modded controllers for Xbox better than any ps4 modded controllers

✔ Out of the box modded and ready to play

✔ No programming, no tweaking, tuning, or complicated configurations

✔ 4 modes of rapid fire for different weaponry with smart triggers

✔ Turn mods on and off on the fly

✔ Dead on accuracy with auto-aim and rapid-fire combo

✔ Increase playing endurance and reduce fatigue

✔ Native Xbox Series Elite 2 controller aesthetics and tactility and Bluetooth technology

✔ First class customer care and repairs

✔ Not compatible with nintendo switch, playstation 4, and playstation 5

Switch between devices

Easily pair and switch between Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, Windows PC, and mobile devices with Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth.

Designed So Well, Nobody Can Tell

7 Watts custom modded controllers build quality

Built Factory Tough

Second place is for the first loser in modern warfare. Our Xbox custom controllers are compatible with all first-shooter games, single-shot weapons, and any game that requires locked-on targeted aim, drop shots, and rapid-firing weapons. Our modded controllers aren't created with a million bells and whistles, combos, gizmos, or gadgets, just simple dead-on, fast reliable accuracy.

7 Watts xbox series modded controller with red led front and back view

Choose Your Xbox Controller Series Skin

Personalize Your Gameplay, Control Your Destiny. Color is a power that directly influences the soul and style. 7 Watts Xbox Series Modded Controllers come in 7 different colorways to express your game, your way.

Our Xbox series custom controllers were created to express our love of minimal design and our commitment to constant innovation and quality. Each of our Xbox Series Modded controllers express simplicity in design and functionality so transparent nobody will know the power you possess. The power is within…what color expresses your game?

7 Watts Xbox One Series 2 Custom Modded Controller Nebula Galaxy7 Watts Xbox One Elite Series 2 Custom Modded Controller-White Fire7 Watts Xbox One Elite Series 2 Custom Modded Controller-Comet Strike7 Watts Xbox One Elite Series 2 Custom Modded Controller-Blue Flames7 Watts Xbox One Elite Series 2 Custom Modded Controller-Fade to Black7 Watts Xbox One Elite Series 2 Custom Modded Controller Red LED7 Watts Xbox one Elite Series 2 Custom Modded Controller-Classic Black

Elite Series 2 Modded Controller-Classic Black

Black is a phenomenon of will and power, and oh so deadly. The color of darkness and mystery the 7 Watts custom controller in classic black expresses nothing but everything simultaneously. Deep in the shadows, your super human power lies await in the shadows of the controller design.

Elite Series 2 Modded Controller-Red LED

Red is the color of elimation. Red, dead, no redemtion! The 7 Watts custom modded controller with smart triggers embodies strength, power, danger, courage, and gaming dominance.

Elite Series 2 Modded Controller-Fade to Black

Elegant, simple, powerful simplicity, The Elite modded controller in fades to black. You see red, they fade to black.

Elite Series 2 Modded Controller-Blue Flames

A blue flame is a symbol of safety and protection and complete combustion. The 7 Watts custom controller design in Blue Flames will have other players feel the heat burning before they even see you.

Elite Series 2 Modded Controller-Comet Strike

Some call it Chameleon, we call it a vibe. The Xbox Comet Strike custom controller colors seem to fade in and out as you move it in your hands. Whatever you prefer, this comet strike controller changes your gaming experience.

Elite Series 2 Modded Controller-White Fire

White is the most powerful non-color. The 7 Watts White fire custom controller is just that. Clean, white fresh, and powerful with a two-tone contrasting colorway with black controller accents. Not everything can be seen as black or white except this.

Elite Series 2 Modded Controller-Nebula Galaxy

The unknown possibilities of existence come from exploration. Holding the 7 Watts Nebule galaxy controller puts the power of the stars in your hands. Unique, colorful, and vibrant as a distant gaseous explosion in space. This skin has a one-of-a-kind nebulous royal feel.

7 Watts Custom Modded Controllers For Xbox

Unmatched Speed & Accuracy

Multi Game Compatible

Simplified Perfomance

7 Watts Xbox custom controllers are designed to meet the needs of both competitive gamers and beginners. Our modded controllors features the highest quality turbo mod that gives just about anyone super human speed and deadly accuracy with zero setup time. Enhance your aiming with new adjustable-tension thumbsticks, fire even faster with shorter hair trigger locks, and stay on
target with a wrap-around rubberized grip.

7 Watts xbox series modded controller with red led

Easy Transition From Mod Play To Regular Gamelplay

Acts like a regular Elite Series 2 Controller, until you activate the mod

Rapid Fire

Faster time on target, speeds, moves

Native Design

Same custom mapping of paddles, buttons, triggers, and thumbsticks.

Xbox One, Series X | S or PC

The first Modded Elite Controller to use native Bluetooth technology for a seamless wireless connection to any of your gaming devices and PC or even your phone! Opitional wired connection with the included premium braided12-foot USB-C cable.