Xbox Elite Series 2 Modded Controllers

7 Watts Xbox Elite Series 2 modded controllers or undeniably one of the best rapid-fire custom controllers designed for Xbox and PC gaming. Built factory tough and ready to perform out of the box. Are you ready to play like a pro?

The 7 Watts xbox elite series 2 custom-modded wireless controller has the same controller design and feel as the standard Microsoft Xbox series wireless controller with the ABXY buttons and Directional pad (D-pad) but have been modified with our 7 Watts mod chip for quick scope drop shot, rapid fire modes and auto aim.

We kept the same design aesthetics,usb charging cable and feel as standard X box controller on purpose but gave it something special for today's competitive gamers.

A rubberized grip for playing endurance, adjustable tension thumbsticks with no stick drift, shorter hair trigger locks, bumpers that is super easy to configure with mod options and triggers, wireless bluetooth compatiblity and up to 40 hours of rechargeable battery life. For an added customization and control of your gaming experience our controllers are compatible with the xbox accessories app, simply configure the app for limitless customization and switch the left thumbstick for rapid fire or the right.

Take your gaming to another level discover new ways to play and destroy the competition. No complex configurations or assembly required the rapid fire mod is pre installed and tested to high quality standards. Entirely compatible with most Xbox console games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Black Ops, Apex Legends, and Modern Warfare. There is a reason why the 7 Watts modded controller is one of the most top rated Amazon modded controller sellers. We dont use the terms "amazing", or "awesome" or "best controller" our customers do!