Xbox Elite Series 2 Custom Modded Controller Fade to Black

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7 Watts custom modded controllers build quality

We're not all the same on the inside

These remotes look just like a standard Elite 2 from the outside (besides the skins or LEDS) but on the inside, its a whole different ballgame. Engineered power performance

It's Like BlueChew, But For Gaming

You may not need it, but it sure is fun to add some more power and play with

Douglas S.

Lost Without It

Thank you Nick! I’ll shoot a video review by tomorrow for you guys. Like I said I absolutely love my controller and I’d be lost without it lol. Life of a gamer lol but thanks again I really do appreciate the awesome and personable support!

Merrie Schultz

 Amazing controller!

Love this controller! It feels great and I really like the customizable paddles.The mods are nice and are really easy to turn off and on as well as cycle through.If you are looking for “god mode” type mods. These are not it. However, if you are like me and you are more of a casual gamer/weekend warrior, then the mods will definitely help you not feel like you are getting completely skunked.I can honestly say that it has made multiplayer games way more enjoyable.The customer service is also amazing. They answer your questions quickly and are extremely helpful and personable.


 Best Controller I've Owned

Vastly improved gaming experience, numerous functions and very easy to use the mods. It comes with a sheet explaining how the mods works and how to activate them. Theres no annoying wires getting tangled, No stick drift, the paddles are super easy to remove and it has a VERY long battery lifeNick on the 7Watts support team helped me when I had an issue and was very kind and responded quick, highly recommend buying from 7Watts


 BEST CONTROLLER ON THE MARKET!! HANDS DOWN!! 7Watts Stands Behind their product!!!!

I have had 3 of these 7 WATTS controllers now and I have ALWAYS been impressed with the QUALITY and EASE OF USE that they bring with their products!! Yeah, its a bit daunting at first because, quite simply, the controller is capable of SOOOOO MUCH that it can be a bit overwhelming....they make it easy with their included instructions as well as the website that you can simply click and get everything it will do and all in about 7 seconds!! 7 watts is an expensive controller but the first thing they said on their video was they will not forget us after we buy it. They have been so kind to me and that is worth a lot. I believe them when they say they will make it right.WILL BUY MORE AND THANKS TO ALL THE GUYS/GALS AT 7WATTS - KEEP MAKING THEM - WE WILL KEEP BUYING THEM - THATS A PROMISE!!! Drew B!

Kirk Langer

The Best of the Best Modded Controller for PC and Xbox

I have been a 7Watts Modded Controller owner through three controller generations and they continue to provide the best, easy to use modded controller gaming experience. With each generation they have improved their design input responsiveness. This is the best in class controller.

What Is A Modded Controller?


Customer support is available Monday to Friday, and weekends when we get behind haha.Average answer time: 24h